To avoid any misunderstandings and to provide you pleasant holiday please read the following terms and conditions. Confirmation of receipt of your booking is clear from knowing adoption and acceptance of regulations.


  1. Apartment is rented for days ( 24 hours )

  2. Day stay in apartment is from 4 p.m to 12 noon next day

  3. Wish to extend your stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival the visitor should report to 9.00 a.m on the closing date of lease the apartment.

  4. Take into consideration wishes to extend your stay as a number of free terms.

  5. Apartment's visitor must regulate payment for stay on arrival day during the check-in. Steps required to check the ID card. If the ID card raises a doubt contact person to the visitor has right to ask for another document confirming identity of the visitor ( passport, driving license ) for any reason.

  6. No down payment for stay in advance entitles  the person designated to contact the visitor to refuse the visitor check-in and release the key to the apartment.

  7. The person designated to contact the visitor is required to minimize the sum of the amount of adopts prepayments. In the order of clarify any confusion, please keep and present copy of prepayment made.

  8. Visitor can not transfer the apartment to others, both during and after the period of stay. However the number of people during their stay in the apartment is only possible in the amount reported on the booking.

  9. In case of loss key we charge a fee 100 zl, gates remote control 200 zl.

  10. The behavior of visitors and people using the services should not disturb peaceful residence of other residencs of the building. We may refuse to privide service person who violates this rule.

  11. Service includes only the rental of the apartment. Travel, meals and time organisation are the exclusive visitor.

  12. During the keys transfer designated person gives instructions for use tha alarms and some electrical equipment fitted in the apartment. This moment is also knowledge of the technical condition, volume of the apartment and its facilities.

  13. In the case of excessive use the alarms and callservice intervention client pays handling fee 100 zl.

  14. Do not submit comments and objections about technical conditions on entry into the apartment is equivalent to the fact that the apartment was put into service in state clearly holds visitor comments and objections.

  15. Apartment service has no right to enter without the visitor premission to a rented apartment. The right of entry to a rented oblect is left only in the case hazard notice or in the case  if   visitors do not comply with the rules of the apartment.

  16. It is forbidden to keep any animals in the apartment.

  17. Items left by the visitor in the apartment after leaving it, will be returned on the cost of visitor to the indicated address. In the absence of designation by the visitor address to which are to be sent back left things, or if no personal collection these things by the visitor within 3 days from the date of departure from the apartment, staff will proceed with things according to the rules of the things lost or found.

  18. Each time leave a room please check if it is closed. It is possible turn on the alarm. Completely non taking out of the room belonging to the apartment things ( eg: towels, blankets, pillows, equipment etc. ). Please take care about rented apartment, turn off unnecessary lights and turn off the water.

  19. Do not smoke in the apartment. The installed fire protection system signals the presence of tobacco smoke through an alarm and recall security patrol.

  20. Visitor, who intentionally or accidentally destroy property of the apartment is required to pay in full the losses occurred. Visitor takes full material responsibility for any damage or destruction has been made in equipment and technical devices in the apartment. In the day of departure visitor are obliged to share a rented apartment to the person designated to operate in order to check the state of accommodation. Only then the visitor has the right to leave the apartment.

  21. We do not charge any additional fees.

  22. Visitor is obliged to use the estate infrastructure for its intended purpose, especially to take care of the green, not pollute sidewalks and streets.

  23. The rented apartment must be left in the same condition it was in the day of arrival.

  24. Early departures of the visitor, for the reason independet of the apartment's owner do not entitle him to claim refundation for unused benefits.

  25. Spending bills for the stays available on visitor's request within 7 days from the date of check-out. They will be sent by registered mail to the address indicated.