Thinking about children's safety and comfort of parents apartment has:


  • The fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator with freezer, sink, dishwasher, hob, oven, microwave) and a set of dishes, allowing preparing meals for which they are accustomed to children in the home, while avoiding stressful "go to lunch."
  • For small children there is the possibility to equip in the broken small bed, feeding chair, baby bath (possible need please submit when booking)


In addition, the complex there is:


  • Playground - sheltered from the wind
  • Fish pond where children can enjoy the fish


The whole area is fenced, monitored by security settlements and the movement of vehicles is limited quantity for persons living in apartments, with no journeys through the estate of vehicles around you. There is limited vehicle speed through the barier release, as there was never any unpleasant incident.


In the area there are several swimming pools offers paddling, swimming schools, and various activities for your child to spend time and actively developed.


During good weather, of course, beach, sea swimming and building sand castles. But when it rains rain? Nobody has forgotten about the youngest visitors.The leisure center for children, "Peter" has to the disposal of little ones multilevel obstacle course, and within the troughs, slides, dry pools

filled with colored balls, bouncy castles, and footbridges. This guarantees a safe and great fun with lots of new friends. While the children play, the Centre invites parents to a cozy cafe press.